Now a days whenever we attend (or watch on TV) any professional meetings, forums, gatherings, seminars, conferences irrespective of organisers whether Govt. body (now a days very active), CII, ACMA, SIAM or Professional Institutions, we hear that We (India) must invest in R&D projects in order to be self dependent, make quantum jump, enhance GDP, lead the world, many more other reasons too including bringing our past glory era back when India used to be called and treated as “World Guru”.

But do we see any ground reality? First of all are we serious? Are our concerns has genuine tag? Do we really want this to realise or happen? Sometimes to my mind answer is “Yes” and many times “No”!!! Why this came to my mind this morning again is just I partially watched today TV show hosting “Industry Leaders meetings with our Finance Minister”… after the yesterday’s budget, CII president was talking same thing. His point was Govt has left out in this budget the Government focus towards R&D investment or similar like…

Why I am also raising this with more thumped-up ways is that I am an Engineering professional having plenty of relevant and rich experiences (22-yers +) in Automotive sectors and despite a fact that I kept changing my jobs only in search of the facts, I never witnessed seriousness across and now when I am a small entrepreneur and started my venture keeping the same thing in my mind I am not finding any buyer of my ideas including Banks says we do not fund R&D projects. Interesting, Important and Key facts is my projects relate to upliftment and enriching lives of poor sections of societies where now a days our honourable Prime Minister focusing maximum, even yesterday’s budget also speaks same.

One of my project relates to “e-Mark” seat development. First glance it looks a project relates to European market but basic fact is it relates to “how much Vibrations level should be permissible to human body (driver)” while operating a job sitting on driver seat. Whether it is Indian or European or American or any other nationals….Human are Human. The Vibration levels reaching to human body must remain same. Isn’t it?

The difference is European countries treat their human like human and we know…ours (Indian) has no values… In Europe, for example Tractor owners themselves drive the Tractor but in India poorer sections of people drive the Tractors. So, is the ordinary treatments. Does that mean their lives has no value? We have to pause and think??? Probably this is the right time to retrospect???

Are we safe while traveling in Deluxe Buses on highways??? We have to pause and think??? Are Indian standards different than Europeans or Advanced or Others countries??? We have to pause and think??? Every responsible agencies/ persons/ organisations directly/ indirectly involve…..has to revisit our Standards atleast in Bus, Commercial Vehicles, Off-road and Tractors Seats areas…

As per “e-Mark” permissible Vibration range is 2Hz and it is biological fact that human body different parts can absorb vibration in range of 4-6 Hz (if I remember correct) but in case of our Tractors, Earthmoving Equipments, Other Construction Equipments…. only God knows….how much vibration level Drivers (Poor chap) experiencing…. A high level contineous vibration might be critical leading to many critical illness, including…..

Overall vehicle cost could be one of the reasons behind but that is not more than cost of human life. For information purpose, OEMs fits “e-Mark” seats in their Export vehicles and seats are being Imported like in Construction Equipments but for domestic vehicles no Standards are defined so they get skipped and unnoticed. Imported seat cost is also 4-5 times than our local seats. If these seats are being developed in India with due focus on R&D with Experts-Industry-Institutions participations an “e-mark” seat will cost max 50% higher than our current range of local seats. Further we will be able to achieve Social Objectives and an Export Opportunities will also open up as we will prove price competitive.

Can our government responsible Bodies, Institutions, Private Companies and other relevant Organisations pay due attentions to it and bring Standards at par other countries to keep our Citizens safe???

Can our Government responsible body make sure these kind of Socially and Commercially viable projects be funded through Bank or Institutions?? Can there be some policy framed around so all are bonded to abide?? I think this will be the real ways to improve and upliftment of life of common people. This will help many professionals/ experts in their core areas joining entreprenership route generating large employment to enrich the society overall that may bring back our past glory??

These projects also has very high return values due to Import Substitutions and Export potentials. Any kind of contributions from all of us are Welcome….