Opportunity for like minded Investor…

To sustain and scale-up our growth we wish to dilute some equity in MG Seating Systems Pvt. Ltd. Our company is on fast growing path. Today we have Products, Customers and International Partners around. We are in core Technological products and First mover.

Our mission: “We aim to make Customer’s Vehicle Global”

We have 2-3 key projects in hand having huge Market potential (approx. 600-Crore in 6-7 years horizon) but on hold due to fund issue. We can share more details with interested individuals.

Any good and like minded Investors are Welcome. Contact: 9545035511

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Where are R&D Expenditures and Responsible Systems???

Now a days whenever we attend (or watch on TV) any professional meetings, forums, gatherings, seminars, conferences irrespective of organisers whether Govt. body (now a days very active), CII, ACMA, SIAM or Professional Institutions, we hear that We (India) must invest in R&D projects in order to be self dependent, make quantum jump, enhance GDP, lead the world, many more other reasons too including bringing our past glory era back when India used to be called and treated as “World Guru”.

But do we see any ground reality? First of all are we serious? Are our concerns has genuine tag? Do we really want this to realise or happen? Sometimes to my mind answer is “Yes” and many times “No”!!! Why this came to my mind this morning again is just I partially watched today TV show hosting “Industry Leaders meetings with our Finance Minister”… after the yesterday’s budget, CII president was talking same thing. His point was Govt has left out in this budget the Government focus towards R&D investment or similar like…

Why I am also raising this with more thumped-up ways is that I am an Engineering professional having plenty of relevant and rich experiences (22-yers +) in Automotive sectors and despite a fact that I kept changing my jobs only in search of the facts, I never witnessed seriousness across and now when I am a small entrepreneur and started my venture keeping the same thing in my mind I am not finding any buyer of my ideas including Banks says we do not fund R&D projects. Interesting, Important and Key facts is my projects relate to upliftment and enriching lives of poor sections of societies where now a days our honourable Prime Minister focusing maximum, even yesterday’s budget also speaks same.

One of my project relates to “e-Mark” seat development. First glance it looks a project relates to European market but basic fact is it relates to “how much Vibrations level should be permissible to human body (driver)” while operating a job sitting on driver seat. Whether it is Indian or European or American or any other nationals….Human are Human. The Vibration levels reaching to human body must remain same. Isn’t it?

The difference is European countries treat their human like human and we know…ours (Indian) has no values… In Europe, for example Tractor owners themselves drive the Tractor but in India poorer sections of people drive the Tractors. So, is the ordinary treatments. Does that mean their lives has no value? We have to pause and think??? Probably this is the right time to retrospect???

Are we safe while traveling in Deluxe Buses on highways??? We have to pause and think??? Are Indian standards different than Europeans or Advanced or Others countries??? We have to pause and think??? Every responsible agencies/ persons/ organisations directly/ indirectly involve…..has to revisit our Standards atleast in Bus, Commercial Vehicles, Off-road and Tractors Seats areas…

As per “e-Mark” permissible Vibration range is 2Hz and it is biological fact that human body different parts can absorb vibration in range of 4-6 Hz (if I remember correct) but in case of our Tractors, Earthmoving Equipments, Other Construction Equipments…. only God knows….how much vibration level Drivers (Poor chap) experiencing…. A high level contineous vibration might be critical leading to many critical illness, including…..

Overall vehicle cost could be one of the reasons behind but that is not more than cost of human life. For information purpose, OEMs fits “e-Mark” seats in their Export vehicles and seats are being Imported like in Construction Equipments but for domestic vehicles no Standards are defined so they get skipped and unnoticed. Imported seat cost is also 4-5 times than our local seats. If these seats are being developed in India with due focus on R&D with Experts-Industry-Institutions participations an “e-mark” seat will cost max 50% higher than our current range of local seats. Further we will be able to achieve Social Objectives and an Export Opportunities will also open up as we will prove price competitive.

Can our government responsible Bodies, Institutions, Private Companies and other relevant Organisations pay due attentions to it and bring Standards at par other countries to keep our Citizens safe???

Can our Government responsible body make sure these kind of Socially and Commercially viable projects be funded through Bank or Institutions?? Can there be some policy framed around so all are bonded to abide?? I think this will be the real ways to improve and upliftment of life of common people. This will help many professionals/ experts in their core areas joining entreprenership route generating large employment to enrich the society overall that may bring back our past glory??

These projects also has very high return values due to Import Substitutions and Export potentials. Any kind of contributions from all of us are Welcome….

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Deluxe Bus Seat… improvement in Safety features required…

With enhanced infrastructure, wide and upto 6-lane highways in India… long distance intercity travel by Deluxe buses are very common and we started enjoying these travel along with family, friends and alone and many features including AC buses adds to our great pleasure. Government focus is also shifting towards promoting this mass commuting mode to curb the congestion on the roads and controlling pollutions. I also feel traveller has accepted this mode due to enhanced Comfortable (but lesser than our passenger car?) Seats in place, and Bus travel mode is bound to grow multifold in coming days.

Past few months I wanted to write and raise this topic which relates to Passenger Safety in these Deluxe buses. To start with, I wish to make you aware with a simple fact that Indian Deluxe Bus Seats homologation norms are 180-deg opposite of European and other countries. I am specifically referring European countries as our most of Automotive Standards and Regulations (like AIS) are either copy or derived out of European (ECE) one.

To bring more insight to above fact… in Europe’s Deluxe Bus Seat, Seat Belts, one of the major Safety components for passenger safety, are mandatory and Homologations/ Approvals by responsible agencies are carried out accordingly where as in India, Seat Belts are neither part of Homologation/ Approval nor it is mandatory. This itself give room to think why European has and we do not?

Seat fitted with Belts warrants a RIGID seat which prevents occupant moving/ falling forward and hitting seat in front in case of sudden braking or accidents where as a FLEXIBLE seat helps in absorbing body Inertia by the seat in front during sudden braking or accidents. In Europe, we follow a RIGID seat concept and in India a FLEXIBLE one, and both are highly relevant from the Human Safety point. But we have to recognige in what Shape, Posture and Condition we use Deluxe Bus Seats?….A FULLY RECLINED (135-deg) Seat (which is a common posture during long distance travel specially in night) is a total contrary to the Indian assumptions. In fully Reclined conditions, Seats behaviour is RIGID, but without Seat belts it does not meet the Safety requirements. And, here we greately expose to higher degree of injuries or even life threat, in case of accidents or sudden braking.

So, question is what we should do to enhance Safety features in Deluxe Bus Seats? We have the clue from the European seats. Approx 2-dacade back when we copied European standards we copied only half which were relevant than but now we must bring them in total and must make 3-P Seat belts mandatory in Deluxe Bus Seats (similar to passenger cars) which will ensure Safety to occupants in both FORWARD (Normal) and FULLY Reclined conditions of seats. Sooner our agencies will work on this will be better and our travel will become more Safer.

As a responsible citizen I have taken first steps towards writing to concerned agency and expect their faster actions. This write is to create awareness on Safety. WE ALWAYS HOPE FOR THE BEST…..

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Transition…a must…

Many times I wonder why Indian Seating Products in Bus Passenger, Commercial Vehicle, Tractors, Earth-moving Equipments, etc, segments are 2-3 decades old?….why there is almost nil improvements? Where as Passenger Car Seats has moved far from the Ambassador and Fiat era of Seats. Today, almost in every areas we witness transition, improvements….but why these areas are/were neglected….to find answers….I raised this to many related persons and most common reply heard is….in India the buyer (of Bus, Truck…) do not drive the Bus, Truck….or the end user is not the buyer!… Does it mean that Indian common man do not deserve a improvised product? They do not want their life to be enriched?…..In my personal opinion this is totally unfair….and hope most of us will agree…

Surprisingly, we all also overlooked and compromised on account of Safety and Comfort features in these category of Seats. Being a seat professional if I share input like “Nano car seat is more Safer and Comfortable than our Luxury bus seats” ….do not be surprised….as this is a fact. In Nano car you can travel (Driver and Co-driver seats) 5-6 hours without adjusting your back and bottom however you feel a urge of adjustments within hours of travel in luxury bus seats. These gaps are primarily due to poor initiatives in this areas…

Key observation is…Indian and Sub-continent Seating Market has huge potential for Improvised, Technologically Advanced, Special Purpose, Quality and Durable Seating Products and their Accessories.

With many new entrants into the Indian Market…Customers expectations are also changing rapidly. Need of hour is current Suppliers must improvise on their Product Design, Strategy, Resource, Systems, Response-mechanism, Manufacturing Tooling/ Quality, Supply-Chain, 5S, Pricing to ensure QCD for sustainable business.

Having width and depth knowledge on Seating Product, Market, Competitions, Pricing, Systems, Testing & Validation, Lean-Manufacturing, I have set my company’s priority to BRIDGE THE GAP between Suppliers and Customer’s changing expectation. Last 2-years I have worked to improvise School Bus Seats were my first priority…..Soon we can witness more TRANSITIONS…

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A New Journey to serve the Society better…

25-years of Successful Professional career and 2/3 in Seating at various challenging positions with highly reputed companies……

A child in me were always curiously asking me why not to start own to provide Differentiating, Technology Advanced Seating Solutions to the Markets primarily targeting “5xImprovement” (Safety, Comfort, Fit & Finish, Materials and Durability). This I set VISION for this company…

My courage and conviction to start this new venture I primarily owe to many great personalities I directly/ indirectly associated and I must admit their trust and confidence in me always were manifold…..I will keep associating myself and my team to such great personalities in future for enriching, improving and encouraging us further…

Company’s prime objective is to enrich Quality of Public Life, bringing transition in 5-Areas listed above in Bus Passenger, Commercial Vehicles, Tractor, Off-road, Armoured Vehicle Seating Systems…..

Our Company is Open to partner with Domestic and International companies, present or planning to enter Indian & Sub-continent markets….to speed-up the transition….Our basket is already pouring in….and We practice at-most restrain to respect Conflict-Of-Interests….

As a promoter of this venture I promise to develop and/or promote Products and Technology of International Standards…..

This is truly…… “A Differentiating START-UP”……in the Engineering and Business Development field…..with 4-key objectives……work in Collaborative Approach…..to serve the Society…..
1) Develop Technology/ Product,
2) Extended Partner (Domestic & International model),
3) Social Cause, and
4) Bridge the Gap…

…..for more details……
call: +91 95450 35511
mail: gps@mgseating.com
logon: www.mgseating.com

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