Modularity, Flexibility and Scalability are key behind our CREW SEAT suitable for all kind of Wheeled and Tracked Armoured Vehicles (APC, ATC, LBPV, MBPV, LSV, MPV, WhAP, BMP, Tank, Special Purpose Vehicles, etc..).

New Age, Technically Superior, Lightweight, Robust, Functionally rich, High Fit and Finish, Zero Maintenance, and wide Variants will motivate you to pick our Seating Solutions for your current and all future vehicles.

Options include:

1. 4/5P-Seat belts: Static/ELR (fig#1)
2. Side wall/ Roof/ Cross mounted.
3. Lightweight Seat.
4. Head-guards, Side-guards,
5. Footrest (foldable),
6. Armrest (foldable),
7. Cushion Lock,
8. M1, M2 and M3 rated frame.
9. Customer’s choice of Fabric/Rexine, Frame Finish Colour
10. Customized Seat..(fig#2).
11. Blast Attenuating Seat.
12. Gun-port cutout.

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