• This Objective guarantee very Significant Reductions in your investments in Testing & Validation Infrastructure….may please give opportunity once….
  • We also bring direct solution from global experts/OEM’s.
  • We also take care of all your Certification/Homologation needs…. adding values from our rich experience.

Why This Objective :

  • Increasing Warranty and Guarantee demand,
  • Export aspiration,
  • Add-on challenges to Compete with MNCs,

…..and hence Developing in-house competency…..forcing Indian companies to invest heavily in Testing & Validation set-up. But cost of Imported Test Rigs are so high we burn our desire underneath.

Don’t worry….we are here to support….and guarantee over very Significant reductions in your investments….may please give opportunity once….


  • Testing & Validation Rigs
  • Test Procedure
  • ARAI/ CIT/ ICAT/ Government Certification
  • Physical Environment
  • Virtual Environment (CAE/ FEA)